Full Disclosure


XSSer v.1.8[2] - "The Hiv3!" released

 -  18 novembre - 

Posted by psy on Nov 17Hi FD, I am glad to present a new release of this tool: "Cross Site "Scripter" (aka XSSer) is an automatic -framework- to detect, exploit and report XSS vulnerabilities in web-based applications. It provides several options to try to bypass certain filters and various special techniques for code injection." XSSer has pre-installed [ > 1300 (...)


Silver Peak EdgeConnect < 8.1.7.x. multiple vulnerabilities

 -  Août 2018 - 

Posted by SCADA StrangeLove on Aug 17Silver Peak EdgeConnect < 8.1.7.x. multiple vulnerabilities Traceback: Silver Peak SD-WAN solutions enable distributed enterprises to build a better WAN, securely connecting users to applications without compromising application performance. (...)


Full Disclosure - Responsive File Manager

 -  Août 2018 - 

Posted by Silton Renato on Aug 08Responsive Filemanager v 9.13.1 [1] Author: Silton Santos =====[ Table of Contents ]=================================== * Overview * Detailed description * Timeline of disclosure * Thanks & Acknowledgements * References =====[ Overview ]=================================== * System affected : Responsive Filemanager * Software Version : 9.13.1 (other (...)


Executable installers are vulnerable^WEVIL (case 55): escalation of privilege with VMware Player 12.5.9

 -  Août 2018 - 

Posted by Stefan Kanthak on Aug 02Hi @ll, the executable installer of VMware Player 12.5.9, published in January 2018, available from <>, is vulnerable. JFTR: VMware Player 12.5.9 is the last version which runs on 32-bit Windows, and the last to support older CPUs. Although running with administrative (...)


Australian Education App - Remote Code Execution

 -  Juin 2017 - 

Posted by InterN0T via Fulldisclosure on Jun 30# Exploit Title: Australian Education App - Remote Code Execution # Date: 30/Jun/17 # Exploit Author: MaXe # Vendor Homepage: # Software Link: See APK archive websites # Screenshot: Refer to # Version: v6 # Tested on: Android 4.1.0 (...)