Suport technique et veille technologique

Aujourd’hui, les grandes entreprises et administrations publiques hésitent entre continuer à utiliser des logiciels propriétaires ou basculer vers les Logiciels Libres. Pourtant, la plupart des logiciels libres sont capables de bien traiter les données issues des logiciels propriétaire, et parfois avec une meilleur compatibilité.

C’est alors la barrière de la prise en main qui fait peur, et pourtant...

Les logiciels libres

L’aspect « Logiciel Libre » permet une évolution rapide et une plus grande participation des utilisateurs. Les aides et tutoriels foisonnent sur Internet ou sont directement inclus dans le logiciel lui-même.

Enfin, les concepteurs sont plus proches des utilisateurs, ce qui rend les logiciels libres plus agréable à utiliser et conviviaux.

Grâce à la disponibilité des logiciels libres, vous trouverez facilement des services de support techniques et la licence n’est plus un frein à l’utilisation de ces logiciels par votre personnel.

Notre support technique concerne essentiellement les logiciels libres, que ce soit sous forme de services ponctuels ou de tutoriels.

Web3 is going just great [English]  -  Latest Sotheby's NFT sale is decidedly tepid

 -  Mars 2023 - 

A humanoid robot hangs suspended from cables attached to its back, pressing its hands against the side of the frame of the image

Despite Sotheby's estimates that the most popular piece in the "Oddly Satisfying" NFT collection would sell for €70,000–€100,000 ($75,500–$108,000), the "Eternity" NFT attained a highest bid of only €50,800 ($54,600). Altogether the full collection brought in $316,000, with 60% of the NFTs going for less than Sotheby's estimates. This is a marked change from the barn burner NFT sales at Sotheby's in 2021, including one in which a CryptoPunks NFT sold for $11.8 million.

It seems perhaps even Sotheby's prestige is not sufficient to overcome the NFT downturn.

par Molly White

Web3 is going just great [English]

A timeline recording only some of the many disasters happening in crypto, decentralized finance, NFTs, and other blockchain-based projects. suffers $2 million loss to former employee who claims he wanted to "kill" the project for "inadvertently hurt[ing] people"

 -  16 mai - is a Solana-based memecoin generator that soared to popularity recently amid a resurgence in memecoin trading. On May 16, the project (...)

Tornado Cash developer sentenced to more than five years imprisonment in the Netherlands

 -  16 mai - 

Alexey Pertsev, one of the developers of the Tornado Cash mixing service, was found guilty of money laundering and sentenced to 64 months (...)

Brothers indicted for $25 million MEV bot exploit

 -  16 mai - 

Two brothers, Anton and James Peraire-Bueno, were indicted for a theft involving MEV — maximal extractable value. MEV involves previewing upcoming (...)

Cypher contributor admits to stealing over $300,000 due to "crippling gambling addiction"

 -  15 mai - 

After the founder of the Solana-based Cypher futures trading protocol publicly accused a core contributor of stealing funds, the contributor — (...)

Sonne Finance hacked for at least $20 million

 -  15 mai - 

The Sonne Finance lending protocol was exploited for at least $20 million as an attacker was able to exploit a vulnerability in some of their (...)