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 -  Décembre 2022 - 

Inkscape Interoperability, Adam BelisInkscape Interoperability, Adam Belis

For the Inkscape project and its users, interoperability with other software packages, both free and commercial, is of high importance. The PLC has decided to hire a developer for the equivalent of 1.5 months (part-time schedule available) to implement importing functionality of a file format for which Inkscape yet lacks proper support. An extension of the project to up to 3 months (with additional compensation) may be granted depending on the success of the first half.

While the Inkscape team consists entirely of volunteers, this will be a paid contractor role.

The work may start between 2023-02-15 and 2023-03-15, and assuming a full-time schedule, will be finished around 2023-05-01. Applications may be submitted until Monday, Jan 9, 2023, 23:59 UTC.

Responsibilities will include:

  • Implementing a parser for the file format based on a specification (about 100 pages), which contains a mostly complete EBNF description of the format, in Python (preferably pyparsing)
  • Designing and implementing functionality to convert the relevant parts of the abstract syntax tree created in 1) into an Inkscape SVG file.
  • Reverse-engineering the later additions to the file format. The extent and prioritization of those items will be decided on based on the candidate's progress.
  • Document the format whenever the existing documentation is insufficient or outdated.
  • Write unit tests to test the implemented functionality.

Your Profile:

  • Strong Python knowledge and experience
  • Experience with asynchronous / text based workflows
  • Previous (contractual or volunteer) contributions to Free, Open Source Software
  • Ideally experience with implementing specifications and/or file formats


For more details about the position, candidate requirements and how to apply, please see the link below:

We're looking forward to hearing from you!


Dessiner en toute liberté | Inkscape

Inkscape est un logiciel professionnel de dessin vectoriel pour Windows, Mac OS X et GNU/Linux. Il est libre et gratuit.

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