Infographie et communication

Infographie et communication

Par définition, l’infographie correspond au traitement des images avec l’informatique. C’est donc un domaine très étendu dans lequel on retrouve la retouche photo, la réalisation de 3D, et la création de documents de communications.

Notre service d’infographie travaille pour la création de visuels :

  • cartes de visites
  • prospectus et plaquettes publicitaires
  • traitement pour les sites Internet

Dessiner en toute liberté | Inkscape

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Inkscape Summit 2024

 -  16 mai - 

We had a great Inkscape Summit in Rennes, France. Our three-day meeting was hosted by long-time Inkscaper's Elisa and Cédric in their school of design Activ.designFive Inkscaper's travelled to the event (Marc, Mikekov, Adam Belis, S-Rafael, and Tav). Two more were present via video (Martin and René). Jonathon dropped in occasionally. And our hosts hung out with us when they weren't too busy (...)


Congratulations to Inkonic on winning Inkscape 1.4 About Screen Contest

 -  6 mai - 

We have a winner! Congratulations to the winning entry by artist Inkonic for their artwork "Inkscape's Path–Artist's Blossom".<img name="Image1" src="


1.4 About Screen Contest

 -  3 mars - 

Announcing the About Screen Contest for Inkscape 1.4! Calling all artists! Each new version of Inkscape, we run a fun contest inviting all seasoned Inkscape artists and newcomers to participate in the "About Screen" contest. The About Screen is the image that you see when you click on Help → About in Inkscape to find more information about the version of the program installed on your device. (...)


It’s time to celebrate the success of GSOC 2023 and recruit for 2024 with Inkscape

 -  23 février - 

Inkscape’s involvement in Google’s Summer of Code (GSoC) program is one of the ways the project helps to advance both learning and new and improved features in the program. We’re excited to be taking part in GSoC once more in 2024!For more information on the timeline and details for applying to collaborate with Inkscape this year, head to our project page on Google's Summer of Code website. (...)


Creators: Don't Fall for Inkscape Impersonator

 -  14 février - 

The project has received multiple requests for confirmation from creators, asking us whether we have been reaching out to them about collaborations / partnerships. They have been approached by someone who used the name “Inkscape PhotoEditor,” which does not exist. This is not us. Any official invitations to collaborate from the project will be listed prominently on our website (i.e. (...)


Inkscape 1.3.2 solves data loss bug in previous release

 -  Décembre 2023 - 

The Inkscape Developer Team released version 1.3.2 on November 26, 2023, to solve an important data loss bug in 1.3.1. If you installed 1.3.1, we recommend you update Inkscape as soon as possible. If you’re a Windows user, please uninstall the older version first.This version enables stars, polygons, spirals and 3D boxes to save correctly.If you experienced data loss with these shapes (...)


Big, small release – Inkscape 1.3.1 is out!

 -  Novembre 2023 - 

The latest point release, Inkscape 1.3.1, has grown into one of the biggest bug fix packages we've ever shared with the community. Update to benefit from more than 70 bug fixes, 16 improved user interface translations, and even two small, new features!Here's a quick overview of what's in this new release: more than 30 crash/freeze fixes, many of which affected PDF import and Live Path (...)


Inkscape launches version 1.3 with a focus on organizing work efficiently

 -  Juillet 2023 - 

With version 1.3 of Inkscape, you’ll find improved performance, several new features, and a solid set of improvements to a few existing ones.This version is squarely focused on helping users get organized and work more efficiently with our free and open source vector-editing software.In fact, our project developers, most of them volunteer contributors from around the world, have been (...)


What was it like at Wilberweek? (GIMP Hackfest)

 -  Juillet 2023 - 

Article by: C.Rogers Wilberweek 2023 A week with The GIMP project at Blender HQ, AmsterdamI was really excited to have the opportunity to meet some of the GIMP developers in-person after many conversations with them over IRC in the past, and Wilberweek presented not only a great opportunity to do just that, but also to visit the Headquarters of another of my favourite FOSS projects, the (...)


Inkscape reveals tools for organizing efficiently in beta version of 1.3

 -  Mai 2023 - 

From shapes and patterns to documents and fonts, Inkscape’s 1.3 beta release offers you some new features, alongside a basket full of improvements large and small.Let’s dig into a few of the bells and whistles this new version has to offer! What's New?Among the new features in this beta release, these four top our list: Shape Builder Tool Using the new Shape Builder toolInkscape’s new (...)

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