Infographie et communication

Par définition, l’infographie correspond au traitement des images avec l’informatique. C’est donc un domaine très étendu dans lequel on retrouve la retouche photo, la réalisation de 3D, et la création de documents de communications.

Notre service d’infographie travaille pour la création de visuels :

  • cartes de visites
  • prospectus et plaquettes publicitaires
  • traitement pour les sites Internet

Dessiner en toute liberté | Inkscape

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Hiring! Python developer for import extension

 -  Décembre 2022 - 

Inkscape Interoperability, Adam BelisFor the Inkscape project and its users, interoperability with other software packages, both free and commercial, is of high importance. The PLC has decided to hire a developer for the equivalent of 1.5 months (part-time schedule available) to implement importing functionality of a file format for which Inkscape yet lacks proper support. An extension of (...)


Download Inkscape 1.2.2

 -  Décembre 2022 - 

Inkscape 1.2.2 is now available for download on Linux, Windows, and macOS.This is a maintenance and bug fix release that includes 4 crash fixes, over 25 application bug fixes, 5 extension bug fixes and 13 improved user interface translations. Here are a few notable improvements:OpenClipart import is now available to all operating systems and builds.macOS users now have spell-checking, (...)


A look back in celebration of Inkscape contributors & milestones in 2021

 -  Juillet 2022 - 

Yes, we’re over halfway through 2022. That won’t stop us from celebrating our volunteers and the work accomplished during 2021. It’s always a good time to look back at how we have arrived here this year. Enjoy the read!The Inkscape project is composed of a global team of volunteer contributors who collaborate to maintain, develop, translate, design, document, promote and use this free and open (...)


Important Release of Inkscape version 1.2.1 fixes data loss and crash issues

 -  Juillet 2022 - 

We've just resolved some critical issues in Inkscape 1.2 that were identified by our community. If you're currently using Inkscape 1.2 then this is an important update to install on your device.It provides a fix for a number of critical bugs in the 1.2 release: drawing data about filters, markers, gradients and more now saves to file after performing a simple sequence of copy-paste-undo (...)


Meet Chris Hildenbrand, the artist behind the winning Inkscape 1.2 About Screen

 -  Juin 2022 - 

Congratulations to Chris Hildenbrand, the winner of the Inkscape 1.2 About Screen Contest, held this year, 2022.We recently caught up with Chris to ask a few questions about himself and his use of Inkscape.Inkscape: Please introduce yourself to the Inkscape Community. Who is Chris and where in the world do you live?Chris Hildenbrand (Chris): I grew up in Germany but was lucky enough to (...)


What you’ll find inside Inkscape version 1.2

 -  Mai 2022 - 

A few new features and comebacks to whet your appetiteOur annual Spring release has left the building! From offering multiple pages to making tiling super easy and fun, Inkscape 1.2 has something for everyone seeking to Draw Freely.What’s not making a comeback are many of the bugs that were fixed thanks to everyone who tested the earlier versions and shared their feedback with the Inkscape (...)


Download and Test Inkscape 1.2 Beta

 -  Avril 2022 - 

It has been almost a year since the last major Inkscape release, and the time is approaching to launch version 1.2! This “Beta” release comes with many performance tweaks, new features (such as the clipart importer) and user interface improvements (see the Release Notes for more details).Before we share Inkscape 1.2 with the world, we need help testing the “Beta” version. If you are confident (...)


"New discoveries await..." in the upcoming Inkscape 1.2 About Screen

 -  Mars 2022 - 

Congratulations to Inkscape artist Chris Hildenbrand, aka 2DGameartGuru, for "New discoveries await…", which will be featured in Inkscape 1.2 as the About Screen!Chris Hildenbrand also submitted a second entry, featuring a blue Inkscape monster, to this contest. He creates vector graphics game art tutorials, which he publishes to his tutorials blog and to Youtube. "New discoveries await …" – (...)


Now Hiring! Project Coordinator

 -  Mars 2022 - 

Heading to Work CC-BY-SA 3.0 is a derivative of Draw Freely CC-BY-SA 3.0 by MurphypeiAs Inkscape continues to grow, the responsibilities of the Inkscape team increase in tandem. To keep up with the current pace, the Project Leadership Committee are looking for a Project Coordinator.While the Inkscape team consists mostly of volunteers, this will be a paid role — which, for our project, is (...)


Vote for your favourite Inkscape About Screen for Inkscape 1.2 until March 13 2022!

 -  Mars 2022 - 

It's time to vote for the About Screen for Inkscape's version 1.2!We're very proud to present you with an amazing gallery featuring 25entries, by 20 different Inkscape artists. Thank you so much to everyonewho entered!Community voting opens on March 7 (0:00 UTC) and closes on March 13, 2022 (23:59:59 UTC).This is how voting works: If you don't have a user account on the Inkscape website (...)


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